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An open letter to Senators Johnny Isakson and David Perdue


Hon. Johnny Isakson and Hon. David Perdue,

What were you thinking?

When you both voted for Betsy Devos, a woman with zero experience with America's public schools who did you think would benefit from your votes?

Surely not Georgia's school children.

Every year in this country states nominate their best and brightest teachers for teacher of the year. Teachers who with thoughtful innovation have had a huge impact on their students. Couldn't any one of them have been nominated for Secretary of Education? Wouldn't any one of them had been better than a woman who has zero experience in our public schools? How can you justify your votes? 

Betsy Devos has one thing in common with most of President Trump's nominees. Almost none of them have any experience for the jobs for which they have been nominated.

Rick Perry for Energy Secretary who wants to dismantle the department.

Dr. Ben Carson, a retired neurologist who has no experience with Housing and Urban Development.

Scott Pruitt for head of the EPA who has sued the EPA on behalf of the oil and gas industries.

Dr. Tom Price who wants to dismantle medicare. 

I sincerely believe President Trump wants to bring this country down: it is certainly what Steve Bannon, the acting president, has said publicly.

You are the only Americans standing in the way of allowing this to happen. At times like these, more than ever, we need you to be statesmen, and you voted for Betsy Devos.

Shame on you.


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