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Brazen burglars spend an hour trying to pry open safe at car dealership

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Source: Nash Chevrolet Source: Nash Chevrolet

Detectives are hoping someone recognizes the burglars caught on camera breaking into a car dealership in Lawrenceville twice in the same night.

The crime began at about 11 p.m. on February 12. Surveillance video shows two men sneaking onto the property of Nash Chevrolet on Scenic Highway. They eventually break into the building through a back door.

Detective Scott Pendergrass of the Lawrenceville Police Department says the crooks didn't get very far in their first attempt.

“They notice a cleaning crew still inside cleaning, so they quickly leave the area,” Pendergrass said.

The video shows the men tiptoe out of the office to avoid being noticed by the cleaning crew. They appear to leave the property, returning a few hours later once the cleaning crew leaves.

As the criminals search the offices, they locate a safe. The video shows the men spending an hour trying to pry open the safe. They finally get it open, but there’s no money inside.

“All of our money is deposited in the bank like most businesses,” said Todd Nash, the owner of the car dealership.

Nash said the burglars managed to stumble upon some rolled coins and small bills during the course of the night, but they didn’t seem interested in anything but money.

“There was nothing taken that would pertain to social security numbers, detailed information on customers, nothing like that,” Nash said.

In much of the video, the men’s faces are covered. However, at one point, the eyes and nose of one of the criminals is visible. Detectives hope someone recognizes the men by their mannerisms.

“Somebody who truly knows these two individuals will know who they are whether their face is covered or not,” he said.

Nash Chevrolet is offering a $1,000 for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the burglars.

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