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Militia group's numbers grow in wake of election of President Trump

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A militia billing itself as a security force is vowing to protect the Second Amendment.

The Three Percent Security force, named after those who fought in the American revolution (It's said - only three percent of the colonists fought against the king's tyranny) says they're preparing to "uphold and defend the constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic."

They train like a military, "basic infantry man skills, everything from communications to combat lifesaving medical first aid."

Founded in Henry County, the group started out as an anti- President Barack Obama group, before openly supporting President Donald Trump's run for President.

"Hillary Clinton is a gun grabbing, crook," they said of his opponent.

The group said they'll vow to protect the Second Amendment, even under Trump.

"The government or law enforcement agencies, disarming people, it's a constant threat," one member said.

Membership grows under Marine Corp vet leader

Since the election in November, they say their militia's membership has boomed from a few dozen to 400 members — active and armed.

Lead by Marine Corps veteran, Chris Hill — their presence has been seen at recent anti-Trump demonstrations, guns in hand. They say their goal is to create awareness of the right to bear arms.

But they say they're also out to help those who may need protection.

"The level of violence I see coming from these protests is alarming, I think that creates more of a need for people like us to be there," Hill said.

Hill says, just as anti-Trump supporters have a right to organize and protest, his group wants to show their presence.

"We have a duty to protect, our freedom, our liberty, our constitutional Republic." Hill said. "That responsibility can't be deferred to you know Congress,"

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