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You can report a bad driver for a license review

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In Atlanta traffic, we all have probably seen someone we thought shouldn't have a license to drive. If your reasons are justified you can have someone's license reviewed.

In surveillance video, we could see a car make an improper lane change and swerve into a pond in Cobb County. Another video shows the aftermath of a person having a seizure and running their car into a school in Cherokee County.

"If there is a concern on someone's driving ability that may be based on a medical condition, it's a process someone can take advantage of," Department of Driver Services legislative liaison Mike Mitchell said.

The review is offered by the Department of Driver Services. In 2015 nearly 1,500 cases were reviewed.  About 900 cases had their license revoked.

"I think they should be able to do a review if you think someone is an unsafe driver," driver Joseph Henry said.

The DDS does have safe guards in place to make sure the complaints are legitimate.

"We do not immediately revoke the license," Mitchell said. "There is a built in time where we give the person enough time to go to a physician of their choosing."

Also you can not make an anonymous report.  You must submit your name, but you can ask that it not be revealed.

"The request can be made by law enforcement, a doctor or family member, or just a concerned citizen," Mitchell said.

"I think it's pretty good actually because some people that don't know how to drive, especially the older people," driver Nicholas Huskey said.

Although a review is not limited to just older people. To see the review questionnaire click here.

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