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Tech says batteries are cause of phone explosions

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When you hear about exploding cell phones, you probably think it's another Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which was recalled and banned from airplanes. But there are reports that some versions of the popular iPhone have been catching on fire as well.

Those reported issues of exploding iPhone started popping up late in 2016 and a repair tech tell us the core of the problem is the Lithium battery. 

Video of a smouldering iPhone 7 went viral after it was posted by an Arizona teenager who says her phone exploded, melting away the case.

When I asked an iPhone user if that's something they'd expect, Mattie Baybrook said, "Not really. Apple tends to do a good job from my experience with keeping their products in line. That's a surprise to me."

But in fact, there have been exploding issues with iPhones as we discovered when we took a closer look and found incidents with the iPhone 6 dating back to last year. All eight of them were in China.

At the time Apple called them "thermal events" caused by external physical damage.

"To fix these issues, we're going to have to come up with a better solution for batteries," said Devin Riggins, a cell phone tech at Mobile Finity Phone Repairs.

The Smyrna store has baskets full of overheated and damaged batteries from both iPhones and Androids. They replace more than 100 batteries every week due to what Riggins says is the high-powered Lithium battery.

While they haven't seen any explosions related to iPhones, he says it's a clear reminder of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7S phone explosions in 2016.

"Do your homework, do your research," said Riggins. "Don't always go pick up a device the time it comes out. Give it two weeks or a month to get all the bugs and the kinks out."

As for that viral video of the exploding iPhone, Apple says they are in touch with the teen who owns the phone and they're looking into it. Apple is expected to unveil its next iPhone in September.

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