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GSU student attends Presidential Address to Congress in protest

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President Donald Trump wasn't the only one making a political statement with his invited guests at his address to Congress. 

Georgia's Democratic congressmen chose to invite specific guests who symbolize what they don't like about the president's policies.

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Rep. Hank Johnson, a Democrat from DeKalb County, invited Georgia State University student and Muslim activist Asma Elhuni as his personal guest. Elhuni told CBS46 News by phone she felt was important to be seen in the gallery wearing her headscarf as a way to protest President Trump's immigration policies.

"We won't stay silent," said Elhuni. "We're not there in support of him. We're there as a resistance in defiance of him and his policies."

CBS46 political analyst Bill Nigut said it's unclear how much attention the visual political statement garnered.

"When the president brings guests, he does that so he can point them out in the gallery," said Nigut. "When a member of Congress does it, she or he has no opportunity, no platform automatically to call that person out."

After the speech, Elhuni said she saw the President Trump she expected to see. She said she was disappointed that, in her words, "the country is moving backwards instead of forward."

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