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Baby brought back to life after being dead 4 minutes

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A baby is alive to see its first birthday thanks largely to a Douglasville police officer being in the right place at the right time.

"It wasn't breathing, it didn't have a pulse when I got there," explained officer Joseph Dwyer.

Had he been just a little further away when he got the call, this may have ended differently.

"I was crossing over the railroad tracks," says Dwyer. "I was maybe a quarter-mile away. Two turns, then out of my car."

He got to the house less than a minute after the parents called 911 and put the baby on a bed and did chest compressions. Dwyer was prepared because he's been practicing every year on an infant-sized CPR dummy.

In many cases the police officer will be closer to the emergency than the ambulance, and that's why he needs to know how to do a paramedic's job too. With a child so small and fragile, Officer Dwyer said he was really concerned about hurting the baby even more.

"I thought it the entire time to be honest with you. You just hope that you're doing right," says Dwyer.

His partner, Officer Mike Neumeier, arrived moments later and helped by tilting the baby's head back. Soon the baby was coughing and suddenly had a pulse again.

"Someone was sitting on my and the baby's shoulder that day," says Dwyer.

It turned out the baby didn't know it was choking on formula because it was born without a gag reflex. The boy's twin brother has the same condition and a week after the February incident, he choked in a similar way. But after seeing the officer's work, the mother was able to do the CPR and save the child herself.

This is now the fifth time in six years that Officer Dwyer has been called to a report of a baby not breathing in Douglasville. The police department says that's really abnormally high.

Sadly, all of the other cases ended in tragedy, which is why it was so good for the officer to at least see one happy ending.

Officer Dwyer will be recognized by Douglasville city council with an award at their Thursday night meeting.

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