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"Grieving goose" causes concern, complaints in neighborhood

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There is a debate in a metro Atlanta community over the presence of a grieving goose.

Some animals, including Canadian grey geese, mate for life. So what happens when one of the mates is gone? People in Woodstock are trying to figure that out.

Desire Stewart is worried about the goose. The bird should be nesting with its mate, but we're told that mate was hit by a car which is why instead of nesting, the goose is wandering around a Woodstock strip mall.

And while she stays in a pond at night, she wanders the strip mall during the day, creating a mess on the sidewalk. 

"When you have tenants complaining, and complaining, and complaining, you have to make them happy and you have to do whatever it is you can do to make them happy," says Stewart. 

Her answer is to get the groundskeeper from a nearby golf course to take the goose to a safe place.

It's a plan that hasn't worked out yet, and that's Stewart's biggest worry -- before the goose is able to move on, something terrible will happen.

"I just wish somebody that knew a little bit more about them would come and help," says Stewart. "We've gotten nowhere. We've made phone calls, I had one customer get a hold of somebody in Lithonia who said they would take her if we can get her there...well, we can't get her there."

Stewart says everything she has ever read indicates it could take up to a year for a goose to move on from its mate, which is why she is concerned that in the meantime, someone will intentionally harm the bird.

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