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Bathroom privileges revoked!

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Angela Robinson

Former WAGA & 11 Alive TV

Angela Robinson Angela Robinson

When did going to the bathroom become such an ordeal?

For goodness' sake, it’s the bathroom. Where you go to relieve yourself. 

The administrations’ rescinding the rights of transgender students to use bathrooms based on the gender with which they identify, can only add an unnecessary layer of stress for young people to deal with.  I know this government has bigger and much more important issues to deal with than where a young person can relieve themselves. Come on!

About 150,000 teens ages 13 to 17 identify as transgender. Thirteen years old is hard enough, now the government is going to tell a kid where they can “go”. Really?!

15 states have protected laws for transgender students. These young people have made their identity choice. Let them go to the porcelain god of their choice.

I understand people are afraid of change, the unknown. When something should only be the way they perceive it to be. But I just don’t think a transgender teen is plotting anything sinister in the bathroom. It. Is.The. Toilet!  

There was a time when the only controversy about the bathroom was why men leave the toilet seat up, why do women go to the bathroom in pairs, or whether the toilet tissue roll should be over or under.

Now we have a bathroom law to deal with. Amazing!