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HBCU leaders visit the White House

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Morehouse College is parting ways with Dr. John Wilson, the college's 11th president.  Source: WGCL Morehouse College is parting ways with Dr. John Wilson, the college's 11th president. Source: WGCL

Tuesday, February 28, the president signed an executive order meant to address federal support for HBCU's but the president has a trust issue to overcome.

The future of Historically Black Colleges and Universities like Morehouse College weighs heavy students like Chris Sumlin

"HBCU's are in a very critical space right now everyone is having financial struggles but we need some kind of help,"says Sumlin. 

HBCU's are statistically underfunded institutions.
This week, President Trump issued an executive order to boost support for HBCU's 
While some people are skeptical, Chris is hopeful a meeting with the president is a step in the right direction.

President Trump's order moves the HBCU program to the white house instead of the department of education, where it was in the previous administration. It is an effort to give the schools more visibility within the government. 

Morehouse's President Dr. John Wilson was able to attend the meeting with Mr. Trump and his feelings are stuck between cautious and optimistic. 

"It's okay to have proximity to the president of the united states if that gets translated to more support for HBCU's. If it does not get translated it's purely symbolic, and the value of a symbolic move I would say is minimal," says Dr. Wilson. 

However, Trump's executive order does not increase the amount of federal funding, right now it is just promises.

HBCU leaders want 25 billion dollars and this money will go to infrastructure, student programs and financial aid.

HBCU's particularly the state colleges have been underfunded. The funding for HBCU's is well deserved. 

The order does not specify how much federal money the institutions will receive.
GOP lawmakers have said there are currently no concrete plans to increase funding, leaving students like Chris and HBCU leaders in a "wait and see" posture.

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