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92-year-old finally able to cancel home security contract after CBS46 intervention

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Geraldine Hill, 92, fends off phone calls several times a day from a collection agency asking her to pay her ADT home security bill.  

“They do nothing except ring my phone and ask me for my money,” Hill said.

Hill said last Labor Day, the home security system blew up and quit working. 

“I want them to leave me alone,” Hill said.

Since then, she and her caregivers have been asking the company to cancel the service for six months.

“Oh you see what it has done to me. My body shakes and Tina has to write all my bills. I shake so I can’t even write legible anymore,” Hill said.

Dan Weede and his wife Tina have been looking after Geraldine for six years and said they have even been unsuccessful in getting ADT to resolve the matter.

“It’s a classic catch 22. They said we can’t cancel the service without a special code. We were like mail us the code because this 92-year-old woman can’t find this code. We went through that four times after that and they never sent the code,” Geraldine’s friend, Dan Weede, said.

CBS46 contacted ADT customer service for Geraldine on Monday and had to make four calls just to get to the right person.  Then we received the following statement from Bob Tucker with ADT Public Relations.

“ADT profusely apologizes to Mrs. Hill for any inconvenience she may have encountered. Our customer relations team is informing her today that the account was canceled, the collection agency will stop calling and we will be sending a refund check for $55.56.  We appreciate this matter being brought to our attention and happy that Mrs. Hill’s issue has been resolved.” 

“It would be wonderful and I wouldn’t have that in my mind,” Hill said.

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