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DeKalb County PD ask commissioners for pay raises

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The DeKalb County Police Department blames low pay for contributing to their failure to retain officers.

In one of his last acts as public safety director, Cedric Alexander is pleading with commissioners to find the money to give police a 10 percent raise."We know the threats are out there, and these men and women, all of them in this room are ready to respond at a moment's notice," said Alexander.

Right now, the police department is working with just over half as many police officers as they need. 

"We have eight or 10 cars on that road and you can go back eight years, just eight years ago and we had 16-20 cars," said Alexander.

He's talking about eight patrol officers to respond to emergencies in a county that spans 270 square miles.

The commissioners didn't say no to a raise, but they also didn't say yes.

The room was packed with police and others who are interested to know what commissioners will decide. Elected officials said they'd try to find the money, but members of the public who came to watch are not hopeful. One man said he thinks police should be at the top of the list when it comes to budgeting for public safety. 

In addition to the 10 percent this year, police also want a 5 percent raise in each of the next two years, which would bring them to more than 20 percent in a three year period.

The commissioners have a few months to talk it over.

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