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Roofing company fails to pay supplier; several customers receive liens

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Crist Roofing Company. (SOURCE: Adam Murphy/WGCL) Crist Roofing Company. (SOURCE: Adam Murphy/WGCL)

If you live in the south where there is severe weather, getting your roof replaced is part of homeownership.

Homeowner John Gorski had his replaced about 3 weeks ago by what he thought was a reputable company.

“They really did do a good job,” Gorski said.

That is, until he was slapped with a lien on his home for a $2,300 dollar bill to a supplier he said Crist Roofing company never paid. 

He hired the Hiram-based because they have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, so he never expected to be slapped with a lien.

“I was very shocked. I’ve heard good things about Crist Roofing,” John Gorski said. 

“We can’t refinance, we can’t sell our house, it supposedly goes against our credit, which you work hard to keep good,” Jennifer Gorski said.

A CBS46 investigation learned a Crist Roofing supplier, Building Supply Association, hasn’t been paid on more than a dozen jobs. Barbara Willoughby is another angry customer who had a $4,000 lien placed on her home.

“I cannot and would not recommend them to anyone to any of my friends. I wouldn’t do that to an enemy knowing full well that you’re going to end up getting a lien on your property,” Willoughby said.

CBS46 dropped by Crist Roofing on Highway 92 in Paulding County on Wednesday in search of some answers.  An employee said Anthony Mattina, who runs the company, was not there. 

“I spent a lot of money on the house and, in turn, they didn’t do their part on paying the bill,” John Gorski said.

It’s uncertain what will happen next, but the Gorski’s plan to do whatever it takes to get the lien removed.

CBS46 called Mattina, but he didn't answer his phone Wednesday afternoon.  However, he responded later in the evening and issued a statement saying, in part that they are working to rectify the situation.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience and we are doing everything we can to correct the situation we put our valued homeowners in.

This was not done deliberately and this was not intended to hurt anyone. We have been in a probate status for nearly three years since the passing of our founder, Ron Crist. We did not think acquiring a company would take this long or limit our ability to this extent.    

We are very restricted with what we can do at this time. Without an owner, management cannot make the changes necessary to effectively adjust to an increase or decrease in revenue. 

Once the acquisition is final we will have much more ability to adjust as needed. Again we apologize and we are doing our best to correct the situation in a timely manner. 


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Mechanic's liens

Georgia's Consumer Protection Bureau's website says it's rare for liens like the ones these homeowners face to be levied, but as part of Georgia Code, it can happen. Legally, homeowners can be saddled with the bill if their contractor doesn't pay all of their subcontractors. 

"People who contribute labor or materials to improve a new or existing home are allowed to file a claim of lien against the home if they do not get paid," the site says.

The liens don't show up on your credit report or stop you from selling or renting your home. Also, they expire within 12 months, unless the person who makes the lien files a lawsuit.

There's a lot more info, including how to challenge a lien like this, and how to prevent it in the first place, here's a link to the Department of Law's Consumer Protection Unit.

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