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Mom says bad tickets ruined boy’s basketball dream

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A 6-year-old Snellville boy had his dreams of seeing Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors play basketball live at Philips Arena dashed on Monday night. His mom promised to take him if he improved his grades in school (which he did) but his mom say ticket exchange site StubHub let them both down.

UPDATE: The Warriors paid to have Isaiah see a game in Oakland, check out photos, story here

First grader Isaiah Simpson lives and breathes basketball constantly practicing his moves around the house or watching highlights on YouTube.

“Isaiah loves the Golden State Warriors,” his mom Alex McDonald told CBS46 News. His favorite player is Steph Curry he even paid for his own jersey. 

“Saved all my Christmas money and birthday money,” Isaiah exclaimed proudly.

His mom says in the beginning of the school year he was struggling and she made him a promise.  He could see Steph Curry in person if he brought his grades up and was a good boy at home. His mom saved for more than six months to make his dream a reality.

Monday with the Warriors in town, Alex bought great seats on StubHub with a price tag of nearly $600. She took off work that day and drove over an hour into the city with her two boys.  

“We got there early so we could try and get an autograph,” Alex recounted. However Alex, Isaiah, and his baby brother Trey couldn’t even get in the door.

“The lady told us that our tickets weren’t scanning,” Alex recalled. At first she wasn’t worried.

“It’s a huge company and I had a guarantee so I didn’t think anything of it,” Alex explained. More than an hour later she was still waiting outside Philips Arena for StubHub to tell her what the problem was.

“The lady calls and she says ‘I do see that there was an error’ and my kids are crying they want to go inside they want to get something to eat,” Alex stated. With the game almost over she decided to leave. 

“I start crying because I really wanted to see the game,” Isaiah told CBS46.  

“It was a big sacrifice to take him to this game I just wanted him to be happy,” Alex added.

Though Isiah was in tears, Alex says she was more upset she wasn’t able to fulfill her son’s dream.

“You know what he said? ‘It’s okay mommy, I’ll work harder next year,’” Alex tearfully remembered. She has no idea if the Warriors will be back next year and the single mom cannot afford a trip to California. The little boy who loves basketball above all else may have missed his one shot to see his hero.

“I am sorry baby okay? Give me a hug. I’m going to keeping trying,” Alex told her son.

Alex says she was issued a full refund and a $100 credit but only after CBS46 started looking into this story. The company told us quote: "This was a rare occurrence in which we were happy to fix.” The StubHub representative also wrote: "I’m not sure there is much of a story here."

UPDATE: StubHub contacted CBS46 Thursday morning and contends the buyer was offered a full refund and credit the night of the game after declining replacement tickets in a different section.

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