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"As bad as a third world country"

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Angela Robinson

Former WAGA & 11 Alive TV

Angela Robinson Angela Robinson

“As bad as a third world country,” that's according to a recent report from the Centers for Disease Control, referring to the growing rate of HIV/AIDS in Atlanta.

A city boasting great culture and heritage, a metropolitan area packed with Fortune 500 companies, a progressive high-tech, driven city, but a city “as bad as a third world country” because of high HIV rates.

And in a city where African-Americans lead the way in politics, philanthropy, business and entertainment, blacks lead the HIV rate. The number of women infected is on the rise and the rates in the downtown zip code area are among the highest numbers.

There is something else happening downtown that will help keep all of us keenly aware of the soaring HIV infections. If you haven’t been by the Center for Civil and Human Rights recently, go there.

Artist and HIV activist Matthew Terrell has unveiled a new piece of public art on the grounds highlighting the growth of HIV diagnoses in metro Atlanta. Right now it stands at more than 30,000 people living with HIV. The numbers are updated every week.

The CDC reports up to 13 percent of people with HIV are untested and undiagnosed, which means thousands of Atlantans don’t know they are HIV positive.  Atlanta has been labeled many things, now we can add the unflattering title of “a public health emergency.”

This is unacceptable! Wake up, Atlanta, to this health crisis.

March 10 is Women & Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. Be aware!


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