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Studying Atlanta's public transit needs

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In Atlanta, people have many different reasons for what would attract them to use public transportation.

"I'd probably use it a lot more if it was a single line coming directly to wherever I was going," Marvin Hagwood said. 

One company's Mobility In Atlanta survey found other things people desire in public transit.

More than 90 percent of people surveyed said they'd use public transit to the airport if it were more efficient than a car. Another part of the study found people were 37 percent more likely to use public transit with neighborhood bus circulators.

"If I could just park five minutes from home and jump on a train and come all the way down to Midtown, I would use it even more often," Manila McCombs said.

I went to the company behind the survey to ask what will be done with these findings. I'm told the numbers will be made available to their clients and online.

"Ultimately the city, the state, the transit agencies can just make better investment decisions so we can encourage more people to use those options available to them through public transportation," HNTB Atlanta office VP Jeff Parker said.

MARTA says they have worked with this company in the past but did not ask for, or pay for this study. However a MARTA spokesperson said this information could be useful because they are always looking for ways to improve.

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