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Sales tax holiday could go away in proposed state budget

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Your state senators passed an amended version of Gov. Nathan Deal's $25 billion budget. Many of the items in the budget could impact you, from a sales tax holiday to improving state highways, and raises for teachers and police.

The 243-page document details what the state senate thinks the budget should pay for, but we also wanted to point out what you may have to give up, or possibly pay in higher fees.

It's tough for Andrew Stores to keep up with his son, Miles. For lawmakers, it's hard to keep up with expenses to pay for educating Georgia's little ones.

"They're going to become the next great philosophers, mathematicians, scientists [and] police officers that we need," says Stores. "So why not prepare them now to be that best quality?"

But to pay for raises for teachers, state law enforcement and DFACS workers, state lawmakers may have to cut other perks, like the state sales tax holiday.

"That's under discussion right now," says Minority Leader Steve Henson. "There's a chance it'll be taken away.

Stores says the sales tax holiday usually saves him about $200 he could spend on Miles or his other child, Aubrea.

Landlord Randy Veal does think the revenue collected from the increase in the gas tax lawmakers approved last year was worth it with road improvements this year.

"I'm in favor of that because then I feel like everyone who's driving helps contribute toward those road and bridges," says Veal.

"There are some things that are being considered, like raising hunting/fishing fee licenses. That may go up," says Henson.

While that potential fee won't matter to Veal or Stores, they know it's a balancing act.

"I don't have children, but I want the children who are here to be taken care of, protected," says Veal.

Henson says school nurses and school bus drivers will also get a 2 percent raise. The amended budget will now go to the Georgia House.

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