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Self-driving cars on Atlanta roads

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A driverless car technology is being tested by some companies and is already on the road for some others. 

Atlantans have mixed feelings about this technology.

"I'm so used to doing it myself and it would take me a while just to get use to it," driver Thomas Jackson said.

"I would feel at a point that the technology is going to be safer than a human, quicker reaction time," driver Gus said.

A 2015 University of Michigan study found self-driving cars are more likely to be in an accident. However self-driving cars have not been at fault in any crashes.

Bryan Mulligan is president of Applied Information which is a company focused on transportation technology. He stresses the cars are safe.

"Even if you become distracted, and I suggest you don't because that is still safest, the car is still looking over your shoulder," Mulligan said. "The car is trying to work with you to make you as safe as possible."

Self-driving cars still have a driver in the seat that must pay attention.

"It's breaking itself my feet are doing nothing," Mulligan said. "If it says I'm not engage enough with it, it will tell me to put my hands on the wheel. It's not trying to substitute me as a driver, what it's trying to do is keep me safe."

One driver who has had one about six months likes the technology but sees it's limitations.

"I think it's promising. You still have to mind some of the attention to the wheel, for example there's occasions when the lines in the road get faint, or night time, or weather conditions," Dwight Dozier said.

Mulligan says the car sensors see what humans see and poor road markings are dangerous for both.

"So you still have a driver but now you have layers of technology shielding you as well," Mulligan said. "So now to have an accident both you have to make a mistake and the technology has to make a mistake."

As this technology continues to grow some estimate adding this technology to a car will add about $7,000 to $10,000 to the cost.

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