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"When did it become okay to lie?"

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Lynn Harasin

31 years at WSB-TV. Lived in Atlanta for 33 years.

Back in the 1980s, the federal government viewed lying as a serious crime.

In August of 1989 former 4th District Georgia Congressman Pat Swindall was convicted on nine counts of perjury for lying under oath about a money-laundering scheme. He was sent to prison for one year. Those of us who covered the sensational trial were in awe of former assistant U.S. Attorney Craig Gillen who tore into Swindall for daring to lie to the FBI while under oath. The jury agreed with him.

Fast forward today. Jeff Sessions is accused of lying under oath during his confirmation hearing to become the lead law enforcement agent of this country and his fellow Senators just shrug. They decide that as long as he recuses himself from Russiagate that's enough. Where is the outrage

A few weeks ago when President Trump addressed the Conservative Political Action Conference, (CPAC) in Maryland I watched as he told the crowd that so many people came to hear him that there were people six blocks deep outside trying to get in. But he also said that the evening newscasts would never show it. MSNBC broke down one of their cameras and sent their videographer outside to show the crowd. There was nobody there. Nobody (except for about 20 protesters across the street.) I was sicked by another of his outright lies. All of the networks covered the President's words. But that lie was not shown anywhere that night. 

Shouldn't the American public be told every time their President lies? What is the news media doing normalizing this disgusting behavior?


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