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Loophole could let convicted sex offenders get too close to kids

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There's a loophole that allows some convicted sex offenders to get too close to children. It's a loophole that's even surprised some state lawmakers who are rushing to close it. 

The law currently prevents all convicted sex offenders from living or working within 1,000 ft. of places like playground or schools in Georgia. But CBS46 has learned of a loophole that does not prohibit sex offenders convicted out-of-state from loitering perhaps in your child's playground. 

A day at a playground is fun for Ishaan and Siya, but it can be a big worry for their mom, Parul Patel, who uses a neighborhood watchdog app to stay on top of crime, as well as who may be talking to her kids.

"We've practiced many times not talking to strangers," says Patel.

Ali Mayers is also trying to keep an eagle eye on her kids. So imagine their reaction when we told them current Georgia law does not keep sex offenders from other states from being able to loiter in playgrounds, schools or other places where kids can be found when the sex offenders visit or move here.

"I'm shocked. Really, I'm shocked," says Patel.

Lawmakers say a measure they are proposing will keep children safer by making it illegal for out-of-state sex offenders from getting around that loophole.

"My kids are too adventurous," says Patel. "They'll just disappear."

Because parents, like Patel and Mayers, know it can be hard to keep track of kids sometimes.

We reached out to lawmakers to get you the latest info on the bill's progress. We learned it just passed out of a House Judiciary Committee. Representative Mandi Ballinger said it now goes to a Rules Committee for review.

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