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Fact check: Atlanta marks notable 4-week streak without homicide

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Atlanta skyline. (SOURCE: WGCL) Atlanta skyline. (SOURCE: WGCL)

We have a story about murder, and for once it's good news. The city of Atlanta is in the middle of a noteworthy streak without a criminal homicide.

According to city leaders, Atlanta is celebrating a notable span without a single murder within its borders — four weeks. Police Chief Erika Shields sad we've made it through all of March and the last week of February with no homicides in the city limits.

If that statistic holds true, but the city of Atlanta hasn't gone this long without a murder in more than three years, since this same time in 2014.

After the police chief's announcement at an Atlanta city council meeting, CBS46 began fact-checking the claim.  We found a March 9 incident in our records where a man was shot multiple times and killed on Hardee Street.

However, Atlanta police said they were aware of that incident when they compiled the statistics, and there are undisclosed details which are leading them to believe this is likely to be ruled a justified killing because it was self-defense.

Reed: Repeat offenders behind crimes

In an exclusive interview with Mayor Kasim Reed, he tells CBS46 that crime is down and he's crediting the new police chief, Erika Shields.

Mayor Reed says the department is working harder and smarter, cracking down to get illegal guns off the streets.

"I knew she [Chief Shields] would focus like a laser on gun violence and incidents related to guns because that's how people get killed in our city," he said.

Mayor Reed links the problem is due to repeat offenders.

"Our judges need to work harder to make sure those folks who are engaged in violent crime are actually put in jail and not released on bond because our officers work very hard to apprehend them and some of them go through the Fulton County Jail like a turn style." the Mayor said.

Most people I spoke to say any crime is too much crime and more work needs to be done. Mayor Reed says the city will continue to work hard to keep its citizens safe.

Mayor Reed tells me he hopes to get the APD force up to 2,000 officers by the end of the year. Right now there are just over 1,800 officers employed by the department.

A breakdown of Atlanta's six zones in 2016 shows 111 murders. Zone 3 was the deadliest, just barely edging out Zone 1, which is usually at the top of the list. Meanwhile, Zone 2, one of the biggest areas on the map, had only three murders for the entire year.

That's why they do not consider it the type of death that would break their murder streak.

So, as of March 20, the record remains unbroken.

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