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Roofing company goes out of business after customers stuck with liens

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A metro Atlanta roofing company suddenly went out of business after CBS46 exposed a series of customer complaints.

Crist Roofing on Highway 92 in Hiram went into probate status after the owner of this company passed away a few years ago. That’s when a man by the name of Anthony Mattina stepped up to run the company in hopes of buying it, but was unsuccessful.

It’s not what Ed Lowe thought would happen when he hired Crist Roofing.

“Apparently the owners folded up and ran,” Lowe said.

He paid the company more than $10,000 to replace his roof and do other work around his home.

“They should have been upfront and said we’re having some issues,” Lowe said.

Instead, the business cashed his check and never did the work.

“I was seriously considering going down to the prosecutor’s office and seeing if I could get a felony theft warrant issued on whoever,” Lowe said.

A CBS46 investigation found that suppliers for Crist Roofing haven’t been paid on more than a dozen jobs and now some homeowners are stuck with liens. 

“We can’t refinance, we can’t sell our house, it supposedly goes against our credit, which you work hard to keep good,” Crist Roofing customer Jennifer Gorski said.

So CBS46 tried to track down Anthony Mattina, the man who has been running the business for the past couple of years and he sent the following statement.

“We all took the same risk (myself included) to try and keep Crist Roofing & Construction going not only for Ron's namesake but for all of the employees who grieved together through an awful tragedy. Unfortunately, it has taken longer than the company can carry on its own without resolution due to legal litigation. I am saddened by the outcome. My intention was to purchase the company and keep the business as successful as its been since before Ron's passing but without ownership, I am unable to due such. This is an emotional loss to many, myself included.

I have recommended that the business officially close, the assets get sold and the debt get paid. I have offered to assist with the process. I believe that this is the best solution to get employees paid any monies that may be due, the liens paid and clients refunded if their work was never completed.”

But Lowe wants his money back now.

“Pull up here in front of the business with a check for $10,500, whoever, and we’ll go to your bank and cash it,” Lowe said.

Mattina said that because he doesn’t own the business he can’t personally liquidate the assets and pay off the debt. 

Now, if you're one of their customers who has been impacted by this, there are a few things you can do -- file a police report, go to Magistrate Court in Paulding County and request a criminal warrant, and you can go to Magistrate Court and request that the lien on your home be set aside. 

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