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Atlanta attacks the problem of potholes

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If you're not careful when driving through Atlanta, you could encounter a pothole. 

"She didn't see it," driver Dave Atchison said. "She hit it and the tire went poof, and I had to go on a little expedition to fix it for her."

The city of Atlanta knows where the bad roads are located. In 2015, a pavement condition index was done of the entire city.

"So we know that anything from 0 to 100, obviously anything below 50, below 30 are really bad," Atlanta Department of Public Works Deputy Commissioner Larry King said. "Those are the ones we are trying to focus on to get them up to good repair."

King laid out the 2017-2018 proposed repaving plans. This is a joint financial project including bond and TSPLOST money.

"As you can see on this map, all of these different colors represent different programs all over this city we are doing to bring the pavement up to state of good repair," King said.

The map shows work planned in every council district. Some of the work will be major resurfacing and some will be maintenance.

"What we do is micro surfacing," King said. "That's a thin layer of asphalt we put over the street. All this does is keep those cracks from coming, allowing water to penetrate that would create potholes."

People are glad to know streets in all city council districts are being considered for repair plans.

"It's absolutely ridiculous, especially if you live in southwest Atlanta," driver Travis Culberson said.

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