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My New Allies in the American Fight to Save America

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Lyn Vaughn

Former CNN & 11 Alive TV

Lynn Vaughn is a Just A Minute contributor. Lynn Vaughn is a Just A Minute contributor.

I never imagined I would find myself allied with former Vice-President Dick Cheney whose sour persona was mostly off-putting for me.  But now is exactly the time for Cheney’s ultra-serious demeanor and Cold War wisdom. 

He said in a speech in New Delhi, India recently that Vladimir Putin’s incursion into the United States’ 2016 presidential election “in some quarters that would be considered an act of war.”  How right he is.  Former President George W. Bush, appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show said of Putin earlier this month, "He’s got a chip on his shoulder... Putin will push and push and push until somebody stands up to him."  President Obama and the European Union did that, imposing sanctions that stopped Russia from pushing further into Ukraine.  The current administration is chomping at the bit to lift the U-S sanctions.  

The only people who don’t consider that we’re in an undeclared state of war with Vladimir Putin are those who have a vested interest in preserving their own very special relationship with Russia and those who are too young to understand the gravity of Putin’s actions or just how dangerous he really is to our way of life.  The latter is our fault--but more on that later.

We have been fiddling while Rome burned.  We’ve taken for granted the 72-years of relative peace in the Western world even as we descended into foolish, irrelevant divisions and diversions, living virtual lives.  We have no idea what’s happening in the rest of the world.  We’re not alarmed by President Trump’s pussyfooting around with Russia because most of us have no idea he is having opponents to his regime murdered at an alarming rate (8 according to Business Insider and CNN in the last 5 months).  We don’t know that his troops have amassed along the Baltic Sea--so much so that neighboring former Eastern-bloc nations and neighboring western European nations are reinstituting the military draft.

We only care that, “I’m for Trump and you’re not.”  Or perhaps it’s, “I’m not for Trump and you are.”    What matters is who’s willing to stand up for America and against anyone who attacks our country?  I’m proud to be on the side of my new allies on this issue, Bush 43 and Cheney!




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