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WATCH: Coaches brawl at youth basketball championship game

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(Source: CNN/KRQE) (Source: CNN/KRQE)

(MEREDITH) — Youth sports are supposed to be fun, and a way to teach kids good sportsmanship. But a brawl between opposing coaches and at least one parent has parents worried their kids may have gotten the wrong message.

Instead of getting to congratulate or console their kids, parents were explaining why the head coaches had gotten into a fight and how a youth basketball championship game between Flight Force Athletics and Frey Basketball Academy got so out of hand.

At the end of the game, Patrick Dyer, assistant coach for Flight Force Athletics, got in the face of FBA’s head coach, Kevin Frey, clapping and bumping his chest. Flight Force Athletics claims that Frey was yelling rude comments to their players. Frey claims the same about Dyer, and that he was caught off guard by Dyer’s aggressive approach after the game, which Flight Force Athletics won.

The confrontation escalated when a parent of an FBA player got involved, walking across the court and punching Dyer in clear view of kids, still on the court having just finished their game.

Tournament rules requiring coaches to display good sportsmanship and a good example to their players were violated, obviously, as was the trust of parents, who worried about the example set for their children. "It makes you worry for your own kids because you don't want your kids to see that type of reaction coming from their coach,” said Shalyn Garcia.

Fighting and brawls in basketball are nothing new, but are usually reserved for the NBA. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has been cracking down on players and coaches who fight during games, but fines and short suspensions haven’t dissuaded all would-be brawlers, and it’s not hard to see how heated exchanges on television could trickle down to the community center hardwood.

Coach Dyer plans on pressing charges against the parent who punched him.

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