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Events make leaders

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Joyce Oscar

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Are leaders made or born?  With all the noise going on over Syria, North Korea, Russia, and Iran sometimes the leadership of some of the people behind the events of the day are lost.  All of us should be proud of the work of Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley.  Haley stepped on to the world stage during the most divisive of times. 

As Governor of South Carolina, Haley showed herself to be a world class leader after a young man, attempting to set off a race war murdered nine Charleston parishioners in the Mother Emanuel Church in June of 2015. Her leadership led to the “stars and bars” state flag being placed in a museum and no longer in front of the South Carolina State House.

On a Sunday appearance of ABC News this week, Haley flatly stated what no other Trump Administration official has been willing do when she said Russia interfered with the 2016 election. She called for finishing the investigative process and addressing Russia.  

A few days ago, she stood boldly at a UN Security Council meeting, condemning Russia in the aftermath of the deadly chemical attack in Syria killing dozens of civilians. In her hands, the pictures of the dead children from the attack accusing the country’s officials of turning their backs on the “barbarity.”

She went on to say we cannot close our eyes to those pictures and when the United Nations fails to act collectively, there are times in the lives of states we are compelled to take our own actions.  Her speech was moving and emotional leaving no doubt as to her strength of character and resolve to act in a moral and just way.

Nikki Haley’s words and actions have not only increased her credibility here in America but on the world stage.

Sometimes events in history call on people from all walks of life to step forward with courage and discipline and lead. Nikki Haley has answered the call and no doubt she will be a pivotal person in the future of our country.

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