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Ready to start a business in Atlanta? Here’s how

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Atlanta's booming tech and cultural industries make it a magnet for creativity and wealth.

“It's something that's feasible here if you wanna start from the ground up with no assistance,” said Patty Watson, who co-owns Endulge Cupcake Boutique.

So maybe you want your own business, but not sure where to start? CBS46 reached out to a few local experts for advice.

1. Test your idea.

“Find out who your customer is, who am I selling to, what problem am I solving, who am I solving this problem for and how am I going to make money from this particular idea,” said Dr. Tiffany Rogers Bussey, founder of the Morehouse College Entrepreneurship Center.

Atlanta is the perfect testing ground. Its abundance in real estate and avenues for financing earn it high marks as a city to start a small business.

“You don't need that 10 page, 20 page, business plan to go test that idea. Get out there and try it,” Bussey said.

Bussey said don't put a lot of energy into a business plan until you're sure your idea is solid.

She started the Morehouse College Entrepreneurship Center 14 years ago as a way to help young people tap into their entrepreneurial mindset early.

“Every successful business is solving a problem. So we have really re-defined the way we're teaching entrepreneurship,” she said.

2. Don't go at it alone. Find a mentor or business partner.

“We do have disagreements, but we look at the bigger picture. We don't sweat the small stuff, well she feels like she has to win but I just let it go,” Watson said.

Watson and her partner, Cherita Kempson had been educators for more than 10 years before they opened Endulge Cupcake Boutique in 2012. They both loved cupcakes and reality TV shows about baking.

“We would take them to school and people started meeting us in the parking lot for these cupcakes,” Kempson said.

Kempson said business classes and books only teach you so much.

3. Be prepared to learn as you go.

Especially when it comes to city permits and licensing.

“That was the biggest hurdle: Not having it written out step-by-step, and knowing who to go to and when to go see them,” Kempson said.

4. Prepare for failure, but don't let it stop you.

“Never limit yourself. You could get into your own head and prevent yourself from growing, you know, if you don't think things are achievable,” Watson said.

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