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Detective: Accused killer of mother and baby spoke of "sacrifice"

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Natalie and Cole Nation (Source: WGCL-TV) Natalie and Cole Nation (Source: WGCL-TV)

The lead detective in the case of a Gwinnett County man accused of strangling to death a mother and son revealed new evidence Tuesday.

At a probable cause hearing, Investigator Shannon Kulnis testified about information she learned from the father of suspect Brandon Williams, a family friend and from Williams himself.

Kulnis said she learned that victim Natalie Nation, 30, had been in an on-and-off romantic relationship with Brandon's father Austin Williams, 59.

Kulnis revealed that in the hours leading up to the murders, family friend Brent Lenz thought Brandon's behavior was so bizarre, he took a video of it. She said the video shows Brandon wearing a Halloween mask and talking to the TV about a “sacrifice.” 

The investigator revealed that later in the evening, Brandon's father and Lenz were in the driveway when Brandon walked past them mumbling something to his father along the lines of “YOUR two” and “I’m going to have to burn the house down.”

Investigator Kulnis testified that she also spoke with Lenz’s girlfriend who informed her that Natalie once confided in her about a violent episode involving Brandon. Natalie said Brandon had once “choked her out” and then brought her back to life. Brandon would later taunt Natalie about bringing her back to life as if he wanted to have power over her, Lenz's girlfriend told Kulnis.

After Brandon Williams' capture, according to Kulnis, he told investigators that Natalie herself had mental issues. Brandon claimed Natalie had multiple personalities and that she believed she could "eat people's spirits."

The judge ruled there is enough evidence to send the case to superior court.

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