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I-85 construction worker safety

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There is no stopping when it comes to the work being done to get I-85 repaired.

C.W. Matthews Construction has people working 12 hour shifts around the clock at the site.

"The 24/7 resources there are about 45 people that are working the night shift for them and about 40 during the day," Georgia DOT Director of Construction Marc Mastronardi said.

One man who works in the solar panel industry knows crews working in the sun long hours must stay rested and healthy.

"We work on roofs because we are solar energy people," Bo Paez said. "So we always have to keep people hydrated, a lot of water, and they've got to get rest."

Painter Henry Thomas told me he has worked 12 hour shifts before and it's not easy on the body.

"Fatigue I mean you just get tired, your muscles are tired, you got no time to recoup," Henry Thomas said.

According to OSHA, extended and unusual work shifts can be more stressful physically, mentally and emotionally. This can lead to increased fatigue and lack of concentration. That in turn can lead to an increased risk of operator error, injuries and accidents. That's why OSHA recommends additional break periods and meals should be provided when shifts are extended past normal hours.

C.W. Matthews said it's rotating in other crews and even supervisors on I-85 to give workers at least one day off at a time.

"The workers are going to be tired but they're making good money," Paez said.

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