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Portable classrooms in Dunwoody not inspected

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In the city of Dunwoody, there are several top notch schools. And as the student population has grown, so have portable classrooms, which are popping up everywhere.

Robert Miller began looking into the overcrowding issue a decade ago when his children were forced to learn in trailers.

“We don’t know how old the trailers are, we don’t know where they came from,” Miller said. “When you look at the city of Dunwoody code, they don’t even allow temporary trailers. You can only have temporary trailers connected to a building permit.”

Then, much to his dismay, he learned that the city has never inspected portable classrooms at any of their schools.

“For some reason, the city has decided to turn a blind eye and allow children to move into a trailer that doesn’t have a certificate of occupancy,” Miller said.

DeKalb County Commissioner Nancy Jester is also a concerned parent who was stunned by these findings.

“None of these trailers we have now found out, none of them have certificates of occupancy so it’s a real problem,” Jester said. 

It’s unclear if the portable classrooms have electrical, structural or air quality issues.

“At the end of the day it’s about keeping our children safe,” Jester said.

A spokesperson for the city, Bob Mullen, said officials with Dunwoody and DeKalb County are now working together to establish an inspection process moving forward. The city also issued the following response:

The city held a beneficial meeting with representatives from the DeKalb County Schools last week. Working cooperatively, the city and DeKalb County Schools are establishing a process moving forward and developing a more formalized agreement regarding compliance measures for enhancements and additions on school properties.  Bottom line, the City of Dunwoody remains committed to protecting its citizens by working with partners, businesses and other governments in the thoughtful and fair fulfillment of responsibilities.  The city has always worked with the DeKalb County Schools whenever possible and has previously participated in initial plan review processes. The city needed to fully clarify where the state law specified the requirement for inspection and compliance – with the city or county. By working towards a mutual understanding with the county on formalized compliance measures, both entities can agree to more clearly defined roles to address the needs of our school children and the community."

“It’s just frustrating that I think we have a domino effect of a breakdown of everybody’s responsibility,” Miller said.

State Senator Fran Millar also responded to the issue releasing the following statement:

Based on legislative counsel's opinion, I believe the City of Dunwoody needs to engage with DeKalb Schools so that this type action is not repeated and all safety and environmental issues are resolved.

Parents can only hope the issue is resolved before an innocent child is harmed.

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