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Amber Rose talks sexual health

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Amber Rose is synonymous with sex – talk that is.

She keeps it real and she keeps it raw.

“We get the question a lot, when is it OK to have sex without a condom when you're in a relationship? There's really not ever a right time” she told CBS46 in an exclusive sit down.

She's using her approach to meet young, sexually active Atlantans where they are to help save lives.

“HIV is always looked at as a disgusting disease with people that are promiscuous and gross, but it can happen to you, it can happen to me,” said Rose. “On the first night it can happen to anybody. So that's why we're here to bring awareness to that.”

Rose joined a host of other celebrities on the “Know Your Status Tour,” which recently stopped at Clark Atlanta University. The tour is sponsored by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, the largest global organization dedicated to medical care and HIV/AIDS advocacy.

She said nothing is ever off limits when it comes to talking about safe sex.

“Not for me. I mean, I just say it how it is,” she said.

Rose says women are stigmatized for their sexual behavior and that's got to stop.

“We never say anything to the boys. It's like, well that's just what boys do. And, you know, we need to kind of prevent that from happening to us. And I don't believe in that,” she said.

Real talk is needed here in Georgia.

According to, the state ranks among the top states for sexually transmitted diseases. Gonorrhea and chlamydia rates are alarmingly high. And the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ranks Georgia fifth in the nation for HIV diagnoses.

“For me, designing this tour, I realized kids weren't talking to their parents, or their educators, or their mentors. They were listening to their peers. They were listening to celebrities and influences,” said Christopher Grace, who founded the “Know Your Status Tour.”

Grace said Rose is the ideal person for sexual health education.

“I would love for the students to leave with the refreshment, not more of a fear-mongering thing,” said Grace. “But more so, they're refreshed to know that now, these folks that have a million plus followers are just like me, or were just like me.”

Rose’s transparency is part of her celebrity appeal – she 4 million social media followers.

And it's also part of her business – she hosts the “Loveline” podcast and has launched her own emoji line.

Rose said her openness is about women’s sexual empowerment and de-stigmatizing standards she said are unfairly forced on women. 

“Any girl out there that's watching, that's ever been called a 'ho,' 'a slut,’ if they've ever got grabbed in the club inappropriately, if they ever felt like they were in a situation where they couldn't say no, I'm here to educate you and let you know're not the only one,” she said. 

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