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Group training African-Americans to use guns seeing spike in membership

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A group focused on training African-Americans to properly use guns said they're seeing a bump in membership.

The National African-American Gun Association is calling themselves a new alternative to the NRA and the president of the organization said as much as protecting the home from crime is a concern, some are concerned with the political climate.

Phillip Smith, the NAAGA president in Atlanta said, "I'd be lying to you if I didn't say this is that there's an apprehension in the community based on some of the political rhetoric regardless if you're a Republican or Democrat, left or right. A lot of folks are just concerned with the way the country's being run right now."

Nezida Davis is in training, a NAAGA instructor gave her some pointers: shifting your hips is okay, but she shouldn't lean; aim for center mass. She is training to survive, she says, in what she sees as the dangerous era of Donald Trump politics.  

"Besides just crime in your community, there could be crime coming from anywhere. And we're not just talking about terroristic threats — domestic terrorism, you know, white supremacists whatever you want to call them," Davis said.

In the less than two years since it started, membership has exploded to 20,000.

"With the recent election and trump getting into office we anticipated a spike in gun ownership within the African American community and we were right," said Mitch Mitchell.

Still, the group maintains its core principles have nothing to do with politics. That it's about safety, protection and acceptance as more than half of blacks now believe it's a good thing to own a gun. 

"We are now getting to the point where folks are saying you know what I can get a gun and protect my family if I'm a single mom or a dad," Smith said.

Smith believes that black America has reached a tipping point: where fear is giving way to resolve. Where guns are still a problem but only in the wrong hands.

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