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Deal still mulling "Campus Carry" 2.0

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Opponents of the campus carry bill gather for a protest against the 2016 version of the bill. (SOURCE: WGCL) Opponents of the campus carry bill gather for a protest against the 2016 version of the bill. (SOURCE: WGCL)

As Governor Nathan Deal mulls whether he'll sign the Campus Carry Bill, allowing licensed gun owners to carry weapons on Georgia's College campuses, students who would be affected by it are of mixed opinions.

Last year, Deal vetoed the similar legislation citing an issue he took with the allowance of guns in on-campus daycares. With a provision added to the bill preventing that, the bill was sent back to the governor during the 2017 legislative session.

He's still mulling over the pros and cons. Deal said common sense should dictate the practice.

"Common sense would say, there should be extraordinary additional support from civilian law enforcement to protect these students," Deal said.

He said he asked for improved safety from civilian police and hasn't seen it.

Deal said, "They could show that they've tailored their hours and the number of people who are available around and surrounding, including going to the parking lots and other areas." 

Kenny Kenchen is a student at Georgia State University and says  he feels safe in Atlanta — he strongly opposes the idea of allowing firearms on campus.

"Definitely a bad idea, you don't want to have an educational environment become a place where you have to arm yourself against violence. You want to keep it as a safe place," Kenchen said.

Denise Brumley, another student said she supports the idea, 100 percent.

"I rode MARTA for the first 2 years and drove for the last 2. I could probably forward you 50 emails that we received on students getting robbed, assaulted," she said.

Kenchen disagreed, "That makes no sense whatsoever. I think anybody can be targeted going to and from anywhere."

"You're leaving us out here like sitting ducks because everyone knows we can't carry," Brumley said.

Deal has until May 9 to sign the Campus Carry bill, as well as the others that remain on his desk from the legislative session.

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