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Mobility Concierge very busy after I-85 collapse

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Kip Dunlap is a mobility concierge at Colony Square in midtown Atlanta. His job is to help people get around.

"Density is up, up, up with more people trying to get to the same few places it's more important to have options to get to one place," Dunlap said.

When I-85 collapsed just three miles from Colony Square even more people needed his help.

"All those people who thought oh no this is the end of the world, it's not," Dunlap said. "There are ways around it."

Dunlap makes sure people know their options like biking to work and having a secure room to park bikes. He also makes sure they know about MARTA discounts.

GDOT is now confidently saying I-85 will reopen before the Memorial Day weekend.

Dunlap thinks people will continue to uses their new found commuter options.

"I think there will be a little drop off a tiny bit but i think the people who enjoyed it will come back to me and say that wasn't so bad," Dunlap said.

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