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Duluth Police use NextDoor app to connect with residents, fight crime

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Just about everyone has a smart phone nowadays, including Duluth Police Officer Ted Sadowski. On it, he checks the NextDoor app to find out what’s going on in his neighborhood. It has him thinking, maybe Duluth Police could use the site to fight crime.

"I brought it up to the higher-ups and they said yes, let's do that," Sadowski explained. 

Now, if you live in Duluth, you can send police private messages on NextDoor. They’re hoping people will use it to send them tips and report crime.

"So far, it's fairly new but we've already received several complaints about speeding in the neighborhoods and then obviously I send it down to try to get that squashed."

And police can send out alerts to specific neighborhoods, even the entire city.

"Like if something's actively happening, you can actually send out an urgent post," Sadowski said.

The site has just about every neighborhood in the city. After registration, the site verifies you to make sure you live where you say you do.

Barry Wilson already uses NextDoor.

"Basically to keep up with the neighbors in the area to see what's current, what's going on."

He said he now plans to use it in a different way.

"Speeding or any type of - maybe somebody hanging out that's not part of that neighborhood and might be suspicious. Just the safety of the neighbors, I think that would be great for that.

Others who live in Duluth said they like the convenience of the app.

"I mean if something was going on in my neighborhood I would reach out and make them aware," said Von Brown.

"That's what they need to do.," said Barbara Willis. "They need to go with the changing times."

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