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Data shows slider crimes decreasing in Fulton County

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CBS46 has obtained new numbers that show that slider crimes - when thieves slide into your cars, snatching your valuables -- is slowing down.

Such crimes were reported more than 300 times in 2016, so we took a look at the new numbers, and why they were down. 

When you pull into a Shell gas station on Cascade Road in south Fulton County, you'll notice something different -- a security guard wearing a bullet-proof vest and carrying a gun.

Chris Reid and other drivers say the crime stats left them on edge at the pump.

"A friend of mine left her phone in her car. They threw a brick through the window and got her phone," says Reid. "Since they got the security and the police, it seems like it's a little safer."

Not only can drivers feel safer, but officers are seeing it.

I sorted through the crime data and found that there were 20 slider crimes in January 2017, which went down to eight in February, followed by two in March.

That's a significant drop from the 34 crimes reported during the same period last year, which means police have seen an almost 60 percent decrease in slider crimes since 2016.

Fulton County Chairman John Eaves is talking about joining of forces between the district attorney's office, county commissioners and three metro Atlanta police departments to tackle the problem and track criminals together.

"The 22 people who were repeat offenders, some of them have been detained," says Eaves. "Others are under close home supervision. We also appropriated $400,000 for ankle monitors."

He says those ankle bracelets haven't arrived yet, but we'll let you know when they do.

As of now, the plan is to have the task force and security indefinitely. The security guard isn't here full time, but when he isn't, he says Fulton County police take over.

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