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How will MARTA ridership change with I-85 open?

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For a little more than six weeks, many of you hopped on MARTA to avoid traffic nightmares.

"I'm completely new and I was kind of thrown into this because of the bridge," said Chandra Cruver.

CBS46 has learned that MARTA has maintained a double-digit increase in ridership following the interstate collapse, a 12 percent uptick.

Some new passengers, like Cruver, may continue to ride even with the interstate now open.

"I'm thinking about taking the MARTA train all school year next year," she said.

Those who rode MARTA before the collapse had to get used to all the new faces.

"They've been a lot more crowded so we'll see how it goes today," Elliot Kliossis said of the trains.

On Monday morning, traffic at the Brookhaven MARTA station appeared pretty moderate, even light at times. It's perhaps a sign that some went back to their cars.

"I got a pass until the end of the month that I paid for, but I kind of like driving," said Amin Hassan.

He also started taking MARTA when his usual drive to work became much longer.

"Obviously, your boss don't want to hear that you're late for work because of the collapse of the bridge," he said. 

He admits he'll probably go back to driving soon. We asked passengers what it would take to keep riders on board the trains.

"They need to get WiFi on MARTA," Cruver said.

"Get quicker at fixing those mechanical problems that cause delays," said Kliossis.

Additional parking was put in at some of the busier MARTA stations. They do plan to retain the extra parking until ridership data is evaluated.

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