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Traffic congestion costs Georgia truckers

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Andrean Durden has been a truck driver for about 16 years.

"My normal route is south Carolina, North Carolina, Columbia," Durden said.

He knows how bad Atlanta traffic can be.

"I've come through at 1 o'clock, 2 o'clock, 3 o'clock in the morning," Durden said. "Come through in the afternoon but it's always congested."

That congestion is costing him and other truckers drivers.

"If you are late for delivery they might refuse it therefore you got to send another truck, another four or five hundred miles another day to make up for what you couldn't deliver that day," Durden said.

According to the American Transportation Research Institute truck drivers in Fulton county are delayed on I-75 more than 613,000 hours. I-85 has more than 418,000 hours. I-285 is the lowest with more than 190,000 hours delayed.

Breaking that down to dollars I-75 sees $41.7 million in congestion cost. That drops on I-85 to $28.5 million and down more on I-285 to $12.9 million.

Durden knows where that money is lost.

"When you get caught up in congestion sometimes you'll burn two to 300 dollars worth of fuel up and you ain't went 35 or 40 miles," Durden said.

But even with those numbers the Georgia does not make the top 10 which surprises some truck drivers.

"In my personal opinion I would say so," Durden said.

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