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DeKalb County CEO announces plan to improve infrastructure

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If there's one place accustomed to bumps in the road, it's DeKalb County.

Just ask Montez Baker.

"I've hit holes, and my car went out of alignment," says Baker.

On Wednesday, DeKalb County CEO Michael Thurmond announced a plan to improve the county's infrastructure.

"This SPLOST gives us an opportunity to redefine who we are," says Thurmond.

Thurmond says taxpayers will have a chance to vote on a one cent sales tax in November, which he believes could generate more than $500 million in five years for the county.

"We are projecting some $60-70 million a year, and the majority of that being used to invest in resurfacing and maintaining our roads," says Thurmond.

But with a history of questionable spending by some elected officials, there is concern about how the money will be managed.

"I have my doubts, but I do feel more secure that the money will be spent where it should be given that we have a new finance and budget committee," says Reform DeKalb member Beth Long.

Thurmond says the legislation specifies that 85 percent of the SPLOST money be spent on roads, and the other 15 percent on a new public safety facility.

"We're going to have to be a county where people employ those who will work in an effective and efficient way that will be ethical and transparent," says Thurmond.

One can only hope that the CEO's plan will pave the way to a better DeKalb County.

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