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The Monastery of the Holy Spirit attracts visitors to Conyers

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For more than 70 years, the Monastery of the Holy Spirit has been a place of peace.

Each day begins in prayer at 4 a.m., followed by mass three hours later. 

Father Augustine is the Monastery’s Abbot. 

“It’s a beautiful vocation we have here, it’s a beautiful life,” Father Augustine said.

The monastic way of life is a calling from a higher power.

“I finally gave in and decided yes, yes, yes Lord, I’ll do this. This is where I’ll go,” Father Augustine said. 

Augustine has lived here for 18 years and has vowed to live out his life on the monastery’s 1,400 acres near Conyers.

“It’s a big decision because you separate yourself from the mainstream, friends and family and that felt huge to me,” Father Augustine said.

Monks find comfort working together. Each day they prepare fruit cakes in the bakery and bonsai trees in the green house.

“We try to sustain ourselves by the sweat of our own brow,” Father Augustine said.

It’s a labor of love cherished by those who purchase monk-made products at the monastery store.

But living a life committed solely to God still has its challenges.

“Some days you sense the presence of God pretty close in your life, but somedays you wonder where you’re at in this life,” Father Augustine said.

Yet through both peace and prayer, the monks lean on their unwavering faith, a faith which is a blessing to those in their presence.

“I’ve been really challenged to grow and mostly, of course, growing closer to God. And it’s been the greatest challenge and the greatest adventure, beautiful adventure in that,” Father Augustine said.

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