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City of Conyers clears path to new outdoor trails

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(Source: WGCL) (Source: WGCL)

More than 20 miles east of Atlanta, some 15,000 people live in the city of Conyers.

This historic town is home to the Georgia International Horse Park and more than 20 miles of outdoor trails.

“The trails over here are fantastic. They’re well-groomed and they’re mowed often so we can see where we’re riding,” Conyers resident Nicky Buckingham said.

Outdoor recreation is a top priority for those living in the Conyers community and has been for nearly two decades.

Longtime councilman Vince Evans said the city found its niche back in the mid 90’s when it hosted equestrian and mountain biking events during the Olympic games.

“We think recreation is a big deal here in Conyers, and we just want to give everybody a chance to enjoy it,” Evans said.

During the past several years, city leaders have invested millions of dollars in building and maintaining multi-purpose trails with the hopes of one day tying them together.

Chief Operating Officer David Spann said as the city grows, so does their vision for recreation.

“The number one thing that came out is that people wanted trails over everything else,” Spann said.

Now the city has plans to expand and add more trails to the tune of $3 million right through the heart of downtown Conyers.

So how do they plan to pay for it?

“It’s not just the people who live here that are paying for this, it’s really being paid, the bulk of it by people that don’t live here but come into the community to shop,” Spann said.

A penny sales tax and support from the Path Foundation will fund a new 6 mile trail running north to south through the city, a welcome sight for some.

“It’s going to make a huge difference to everyone who comes to Conyers,” Buckingham said. “The trails themselves aren’t crowded so we never run into any problems because there’s so much space for the bikers and people walking their dogs and horses, so no way it turns into any kind of conflict.”

It’s plain to see, the city has cleared a path to a bright future, creating a better place for all those who call Conyers home. 

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