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Coyote sightings becoming common in north Fulton County

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The city of Milton is warning residents to be on the lookout for a coyotes and animal experts say they're becoming increasingly difficult to avoid in metro Atlanta.

Coyotes are nothing new in metro Atlanta but they're still putting people on edge when they make a public appearance. 

Andy Teple is a metro Atlanta resident and when he takes his dog Annabelle for a walk, he says he's always on the lookout for what could lurking nearby.

"It's very urban (where he lives) so I'm surprised to hear coyotes," said Teple. "These used to be very rural places and now they aren't any more ."

Louise Austin lives in Milton, close to where several reports have come in from people who say they're not only seeing coyotes but they're also hearing their bloodcurdling howls. They also say the coyotes may be traveling in packs. Austin says she had a run-in with a coyote who appeared aggressive toward her and her dog.

"He did come at us but we ran in and my son came out and scared him away," said Austin.

CBS46 talked with professional animal trapper Rick Federation. He says the number of reported coyote sightings is going up as the animal looks for food and becomes more comfortable with humans and urban areas.

"They're there and you're not going to stop them," said Federation. "They're very adaptive and it's not so much we're moving into their territory. They're expanding their territory and there's nothing to stop them from doing so."

Federation says if you happen to cross paths with a coyote make loud noises and try to scare them away. 

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