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Atlanta City Hall undergoes $40,000 project to save birds

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Crews work meticulously, installing film on Atlanta's City Hall windows, Thursday to save the lives of birds.

"We were approached by Dr. Garcia from the Mayor's office. He said, 'hey this building, we're finding lots of birds. What's going on?" Adam Betuel of Atlanta's Audubon Society said.

Every morning walking into work employees would spot dead humming birds, cardinals and dozens of other species lying on the sidewalk.

"The hardest part was not just seeing dead birds but seeing half alive birds that were staggering around," Stephanie

It's a problem seen all over the country. As skyscrapers rise, birds die from crashing into the buildings.

"The most recent estimate is put between 350 million to one billion a year," Betuel said.

The courtyard at city hall is one of the most problematic areas because of the greenery and reflective windows.

"They're putting up a collision deterrence film and it just provides enough visual noise to alert the bird that, 'this is not where I want to go. Something is wrong here.' And it stops them from running into the window." Betuel said.

The city got a discount on the project. It'll cost tax payer's $40,000. The Atlanta Audubon Society is helping with technical support. They're hoping the project will inspire other city businesses to take measures to protect Atlanta's birds. The project is expected to be completed by Friday.

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