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Proposed bike lane for Piedmont Avenue in midtown

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In midtown Atlanta some people can see the need for a dedicated bike lane.

"Traffic in Atlanta, the narrow streets and the one way streets like this one there is just no space to ride a bike it's got to be frightening," Driver Todd Bradshaw said.

That's why Midtown Alliance is proposing safety changes on Piedmont Avenue for pedestrians and cyclist. It would include adding a dedicated bike lane.

"I'm sure there are some people that would complain about it but I don't think it would affect me too much," Bradshaw said.

"If they cut off lanes you do have to wonder if it's really going to screw up traffic during rush hour," neighbor Carlos Ximenes said.

According to a Midtown Alliance traffic study anywhere from 12,000 to 14,000 cars a day use parts of Piedmont Avenue. But Midtown Alliance President Kevin Green says a bike lane won't significantly affect those cars.

"With the traffic volumes that we have now and with the traffic volumes we can reasonably anticipate even with the growth of midtown two lanes is plenty for traffic to get through on Piedmont," Midtown Alliance president Kevin Green said.

With that anticipated growth of Midtown and Atlanta some people believe all options need to be considered.

"You see more and more bikes on the road so concessions are going to have to be made as far as traffic and walk ability and bikes and what not so yeah any steps forward are good," neighbor Carlos Ximenes said.

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