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DeKalb County Firefighters Union posts online plea for pay raises

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The union representing DeKalb’s firefighters (DeKalb County Professional Fire Fighters) posted a video on YouTube saying the department is “struggling.” They argue their men and woman are being stretched to the limit because firefighters are leaving DeKalb County faster than they're being hired.

Tad Landau, a DeKalb County firefighter for 16 years and member of DeKalb’s Professional Firefighters Union, is working 3 other jobs just to stay.

“I should be working my second and third job for extra money not working just to get the bills paid,” Landau argued. “DeKalb County Fire Rescue today is in a dire situation… we are losing people at an alarming rate” Landau added.

The video on YouTube is a plea to change that. Firefighters in DeKalb have not seen an annual merit raise since 2008 according to the video. Pay stubs posted in the video claim a DeKalb firefighter makes $10 less per pay check today than he did 10 years ago. 

“Who can make sense of that? Who can stay in a job where they are making $10 less you know years later?,” Landau questioned. Firefighters in DeKalb are not staying. 

“We have 790 allotted positions 22 percent of those are vacant right now… we are losing good people weekly… they cannot afford to stay because they can’t provide for their family,” Landau contended.

CBS46 reached out to each and every county commissioner asking for an explanation. We got a response back only from Nancy Jester and the County CEO. Jester says she supports pay raises.

DeKalb County CEO Michael Thurmond sent this statement:

"The salary structure for fire rescue and police will be addressed in the July mid-year budget adjustment.  I am working with our fire chief, the board of commissioners and other leaders to make much needed improvements for all public safety personnel in DeKalb County."

Voting on raises for DeKalb firefighters will take place next month. Count on CBS46 to stay on top of it and let you know what happens.

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