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Neighbors say lightning caused Cobb County house fire

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Neighbors in a Cobb County community say a very unlucky lightning strike picked one house out of an entire block, sparking a fire.

The incident occurred on Heath Hollow Lane.

From the sound and vibrations that shook their home, neighbors could tell a lightning strike hit something close by.

"I looked out the side window of my house and I could see flames shooting out the roof across the neighborhood," says neighbor Erica Benoit. "You could see the smoke, it was thick, it was black and the flames were coming from the back of that home."

Within several hundred feet of the house are huge power poles and pine trees that stand taller than the roof of the house, and yet the lighting still picked this place to strike.

"This is the one home in our subdivision that is empty right now," says Benoit.

There is no "for sale" sign in the yard, but neighbors say no one lives at the house. Some people came later to speak with firefighters and arranged for broken windows to be boarded up, but they did not want to speak on camera.

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