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Despite spending big money, District 6 candidates ask for more

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District 6 congressional seat candidates Karen Handel and Jon Ossoff are spending huge amounts of dollars on the race and CBS46 political consultant Bill Nigut says the election has gone from "obscene" to "super obscene".

Republican candidate Handel recently sent off an "emergency donation" email and goes on to say "I feel I have no choice". The website for Democratic candidate Ossoff asks "Can you chip in $5?" and goes on to say "We can win but only with your support." 

As of June 12, Jon Ossoff had raised more than $23.6 million while Handel had raised almost $4.5 million. The figures don't take into account as spending from SuperPACS.

CBS46 political consultant Bill Nigut says the pleas for more money are taking thins to a new level.

"We have moved past the obscene to the super obscene. We're talking about totals up to as much as $40 million raised for one Congressional seat," said Nigut. "So having demonized him or her, you now appeal to voters, "Oh my gosh!  That demon is going to win this, unless you give me more money."

Voter Eric Hardaway says he's heard all the sales pitches and is getting tired of it.

"Both candidates are still complaining saying, I can't get across the finish line unless I raise more money," said Hardaway. "I made a contribution and that's it. You just can't continue to feed the kitty forever and ever and ever. So, again, I'm done."

Ginny Saulsbury is also planning to cast her ballot but isn't too thrilled on how the candidates are competing for her vote. She says she is sick of the badgering.

"They are begging. I'm tired of it," says Saulsbury.

It looks like Hardaway and Saulsbury's pleas will fall on deaf ears. The Daily Kos, a partisan website, is continuing the charge for Ossoff. Handel followed up the a day after her previous email with a thank you and request for a double-matched contribution.

Much more will be learned about how much each campaign received in contributions on June 8 when the final fundraising report is due to the Federal Election Commission.

CBS46 will keep you posted.

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