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Georgia NAACP urges Henry County to keep confederate flags down

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The state's oldest and largest civil rights organization, the Georgia NAACP, joined local leaders of the Henry County Branch NAACP to advocate for the County Commission to keep Confederate flags down that once flew at a Nash Farm Battlefield Confederate Museum on the grounds of public parks in Hampton. 

State NAACP President and Statesboro Civil Rights Attorney Francys Johnson says,

"Hate has no place in modern society and without a doubt the Confederate flag continues to be a diverse symbol that many believe represents hate. It is a constant visible reminder of a disgustingly dark and deadly time for African Americans in this country."

Questions have also emerged about the Friends of Nash Park, a private group that operated the Museum at the public park for almost eight years. 

Supporters of Friends of Nash Park have touched off an angry social media broadside in which Confederate descendants have gone after Commissioner Clemons calling her various derogatory names and slurs and say she is "another moron that wants to ignore history because of 'feelings.'

Local Chamber of Commerce and NAACP leader Eugene Edwards believes Henry County can teach America how to deal with the past and build a better tomorrow for all citizens. 

In 1991, the NAACP adopted a resolution condemning the Confederate battle flag as a symbol of "tyrannical evil" and "an odious blight upon the universe."

The resolution committed the NAACP's legal resources to the removal of the Confederate flag from all public properties.

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