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College students create alert system to warn about ICE agents on campus

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A non-profit Atlanta university is fighting back against a new state law that strips funding for private universities trying to protect undocumented students.

Freedom University launched an alert service called "Melt Ice."

The creators of this service have eyes at several college campuses in Atlanta, including Georgia Tech. There are two investigators here and as soon as they get word of ICE agents on campus, they'll investigate and push it right to your phone.

After 13 years in the Georgia school system, Rafael Aragon says fear kept him from applying to college.

"It was a little disheartening to find out there were a lot of colleges and I couldn't apply to just because of documentation status," says Aragon.

Now 20-years-old and a college freshman, that same fear followed him to Freedom University until about two weeks ago when his classmates launched the alert system. 

A team of 10 student investigators will push alerts to hundreds of subscribers, giving them the heads up that ICE agents are on campus.

Students say "Melt Ice" is a direct response to House Bill 37. The law says private schools cannot adopt sanctuary policies to protect undocumented students. If it does, it loses state funding.

Laura Emiko Soltis, who is executive director of Freedom university, says students aren't trying to run from the law.

"There's nothing about avoiding officials. It is making sure citizens and community members know when there's an interaction between ICE and undocumented students. That is not a crime," says Soltis.

A U.S. Immigration and Customs and Enforcement spokesperson says he won't comment on the service, but says it's a moot point because ICE doesn't conduct immigration enforcement at schools.

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