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Leaders look to expand open container 'safe zone' in Alpharetta

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In most parts of Georgia, drinking alcohol in public can get you a criminal citation, but in a few spots it's perfectly legal.

One of those places is downtown Alpharetta.

There are some restrictions, for example, glasses cannot leave the table of a restaurant.

"It has to be in a plastic cup," explained Alpharetta spokesperson James Drinkard. "Think of a red solo cup, about that size. And it's beer and wine only, not mixed drinks or anything like that."

Most of the people CBS46 approached on the streets, Monday, said they support the current rules.

Now city leaders are thinking about expanding the open container "safe zone" to include a much larger area.

The definition of what most people consider "downtown Alpharetta" is growing, and that's why some think the open container borders should change with it. The map on the right shows the current borders in blue and the proposed borders in red. If approved, the eastern most boundary of the safe zone would extend to Westside Parkway, and the northern border would be at Canton Street.

This plan is still in the very beginning stages and the city is still taking public feedback. As of now, there's no prediction of when or if the changes could take place.

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